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Traditional hostel in Kuninkaanlähde. It's located 8 kilometers from Kankaanpää centre and 11 kilometers from Jämi.

Accomodation concists of: main building Kuninkaankartano as well as Kuninkaantupa and Kuninkaantorppa. You can rent one room in Kuninkaankartano, one or two rooms from the three buildings or the entire premises.

- Downstairs: Pub premises, sauna, jacuzzi, karaoke

- Middle floor: lighted banquet room, a kitchen for professional cooking, toilets

- Upstairs: 6 spacious hotel rooms, of which 4 include an extra bed. Every room has a TV, toilet and shower. In addition, upstairs you can find a spacious lounge that functions as a joint living room.

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Meeting prices

Function room + kitchen
390 € / night
Meeting 1 - 6 hours
150 €
Meeting 7 - 12 hours
240 €
Sauna with pub premises

190 € / 1-12 hours, +80 € if you want the jacuzzi
Whole building (function room, pub, 6 rooms)
690 € / night

Room prices

Twin/double room65 € / night
Twin/double room with extrabed
75 € / night

Attention! Special pricing during large events

The price includes linen clothes and final cleaning.

Breakfast isn't included in the price. We offer a pick-up breakfast delivered to Kuninkaankartano, price 9 €/person. Remember to order in advance.

Cancellation policy:

The room reservation must be cancelled, at the latest, three days before the beginning of the stay, at the latest 3PM.

If the room reservation is cancelled later than three days before the beginning of the stay, we will charge you the price of the first night.

For room reservations that are not cancelled at all, we charge a 100% compensation of the full price of the accomodation. The processing fee is 5€/bill (includes tax).

One exception is large events in which the organising party defines the cancellation policy, which are sent to the guest when the reservation is confirmed.

Sales, inquiries, service packages and reservations:


+358 40 573 6120

Address to pick up keys: as agreed
Visiting address: Kuninkaanlähteentie 392, 38700 Kankaanpää